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  1. NEW YOUNG NRG PRODUCTIONS - Amazing web for Discovering New Music Music lover! We want to share with you the hottest new musicsite that we've discovered online!..Italy based Young NRG Productions. Have a listen and let me know what you think. We are excited and we think you will be too! http://www.youngnrg.eu We’re a brand new web label launching in late 1989 - official 2001 - focusing on breaks, electro - dnb -tech house / techno. At 25th BDay we are striving to create a strong brand that will enable us to push artists we have signed, and to do this we will be signing several “
  2. We're proud to announce all new releases 2014 from Young NRG Productions http://www.youngnrg.eu NRG SCR Scratch http://www.junodownload.com/products/stex-scratch/2371484-02/ Beatport:http://www.beatport.com/release/scratch/1219717 NRG 1401 STEX/HORNY ANDY The Warm Up http://www.junodownload.com/products/stex-horny-andy-the-warm-up/2375748-02/ Beatport: http://tiny.cc/6ahbcx NRG 1403 People Funky http://www.junodownload.com/products/stex-people-funky/2399365-02/ Beatport: http://tiny.cc/dahbcx NRG 1404 Super Funky Car ***Juno Reccommends http://www.junodownload
  3. Wim Broersma aka Nap ‘Till Nine delivers a very tasteful release on NRG Dance Records. Nap ‘Till Nine is taking us on an excursion through Progressive House. “ We Fly ” combines floating melodies with some powerful plucks while hypnotic voices and chord stabs bring the mood Slowly progressing to the break, a oriental flute makes his appearance slowly creating a solid environment for any creative DJ to go nuts. This track is a real mixed bag of beautiful sounds that works perfectly on the floor. All in all, an impressive debut single. LINK Youtube Video: NAP TILL NINE We Fly NRGDNC
  4. Upcoming NRG Dance Release: Never we felt it was harder to pick an "a" side as with the fantastic debut EP of Anushka De'sai on NRG Dance Records. We don't feel there's a difference in quality, this EP has two beautiful a sides. We are blown away with the gorgeous melodies Anushka knows to bring into his tracks. We would like to call it Music with Emotion, Progressive with a Touch !! What excites us most about the first track "Pranelle" is the fact that the track never stands still, there are always effects moving around or a sound continually transforming. We think this track is refre
  5. Are U Funky? This is 4 U peeps! If you Love Joey Negro, GLP is back with this incredible BOMB disco! Big brass swing and rolling funky grooves create the mix just in time for this spring! We love the Acid Bass TB, Strings from symphonic orchestral, live trumpet, percussions... Big Tune! No Sleep (In My Hands mix) No Sleep (Welcome Party vocal mix) AVAILABLE ON JUNODOWNLOAD BEATPORT TRACKITDOWN CHEMICAL RECORDS UK LINK LABEL http://www.youngnrg.eu
  6. Cat: NRGDNCREC 005 Genre: Progressive House Spiritual (original mix) - (07:41) Sidewaves (original mix) - (07:37) Spiritual (Julian Wess remix) - (07:05) Greece most promising DJ/Producer Terry Da Libra makes his debut on NRG Dance Records with a stunning EP called "Spiritual" The lead track from this EP, Spiritual is a perfect example of Da Libra's capability of creating amazing melodies and floating athmo's. As his Bio stated, quote: Melody and harmony, these are the two words you will remember after listening to Terry Da Libra's sound. Adding a darker contrast, Julian Wess his fan
  7. Your mix released digitally on Young NRG Productions £50 Juno Download voucher Link competition - FREE DOWNLOAD http://www.junodownload.com/remix_stex/ Link Upload Release: http://soundcloud.com/young-nrg-productions/dropbox/ http://soundcloud.com/nrg-competition/dropbox/ COMPETITION RULES: • To download the parts you will need to register your email and address with Juno. No payment or credit card details are required. • Remix the track using some or all of the parts provided in your own taste/interpretation. • Submit your remix to the Young NRG Productions SoundCloud d
  8. NRG's second release comes from Wim Broesma from the Nethetlands and his German friend Jens Rewerski aka "Two Guy's Fundamental" They dropped down a deep tech house production, with focus on the simplicities of the perfectly placed vocal sample, heavy bass, smooth chords, and cool programmed drums. 'What" stays deep, but throws some aggressive synth stabs at you, waking you up with its rumblings You can see this track played to a ‘crossover’ crowd, and no doubt could hear this on a progressive radio mix show. These Two Guy's will rumble the dance scene for sure. What (original mix) Wh
  9. NRG Dance Rec-Mobhead-Notredame - NRGDNCREC001 OUT NOW We're very proud to announce the debut EP by Joacim Thenander as the first NRG Dance release. Joacim, aka Mobhead delivers a warm, groovy Progressive House track called Notredame in two stunning versions. He knows exactly how to get the bass to rumble your insides, and keep things moving with the slightest of changes in the quaint sounds and samples he chooses to showcase. A purely ingenious way of using sounds and samples is one of his trademarks. Bill Ess makes his first appearance as well with a deep hooky remix. Using some of the s
  10. Trance Boys and techno girls, we are proud to present Von Kraig. New Artist from Germany in Young NRG Productions [l]. Herr Kraig uses orchestral symphonic in electro & trance music, deep warm synths changing inside and the analog arp bass gives Hi NRG ! Produced by Dj Stex [a] founder of this italian label. This release will be available on Beatport from the 29 september. 2 versions. 1 trance with many changes inside. Strings, Efx, Sinth pads, analog bass composed in one exclusive track… and the second version is a lounge bit remixed by Stex with jazzgroove and hypnotic loops. Checkito
  11. http://www.myspace.com/nrgdancerecords About US: NRG Dance Records is a sub-label of Young NRG Productions which was founded by Stefano Ricci ( aka DJ Stex) in 2001. http://www.youngnrg.eu/ Stefano Ricci (Aka Dj Stex ) is one of the true Italian creators of NuJazz,Chill, who was forefront when it all began with Teo Ederle and hisCrew in 1989 know as the Young NRG Posse. NRG Dance Record is born in 2010 as a Sub-Label by the idea of Wim Broersma and Stefano Ricci. Our main goal is to become the leading label in the darker and deeper beats, specialized in: - Progressive House - Minimal Ho
  12. Stefano Ricci (Aka Dj Stex ) is one of the true italian creators of NuJazz, Chill, who was forefront when it all began with Teo Ederle and hisCrew in 1989 know as the Young NRG Posse. he's the man behind Dasya, GLP, Feline Phonic, Bad Boyz, Le Fleurs Du Mal, Dj Kermes, Her Lips, Patty Eagle.. which arguably did more than any other break, dnb, chill music tracks to push the genres into the worldwide. Stex has carved himself on illustious career, laying his roots firmly within the realm of NuJazz scene. Author, composer, sound engineering, manager, producer. He works since 1989 organizing tour
  13. The Room Orchestra is the Russian group of professional jazz musicians. At the moment the group is working in a studio. As you can hear in our music there are lots of live instruments. In comparison with the classical sound of jazz and funk compositions the tracks of our groups have more ?club sound ?, thanks to the separate rhythm and base line. Artist: The ROOM ORCHESTRA, feat JACQUELINE MIGAL/YURI SHULGIN/OLGA LEBEDEVA Title:Get Down Saturday Night Label:Young NRG Productions Cat:NRGRMORCH 2 Format:wav,mp3 320,192 Released: 27 March, 2010 Genre: Funky/Club House Track List Dont M
  14. Digital Art is a project created by the producer/remixer Wim Broersma from The Netherlands. For Wim it started out in the early 90’s with the release of a whole series of Hardcore 12 inch Vinyl records. Many of these songs came out on numerous compilations cd’s and were sold worldwide. With new releases constantly coming up as Digital Art and in multiple successful projects as Anwser42 - MOOKA – X-Tence, House X-Treme and others Wim released many tracks over the years. He’s telling us, electronic music, computers and synth’s are keeping me young and I will keep playing with that as long as my
  15. Artist: KAOM Title: Watching Fallen Skies Label: Young NRG Productions Cat: NRGKM 1 Format: 192 mp3, 320 mp3 Genre: Minimal House/Tech House LISTEN THE SAMPLES 1. Watching Fallen Skies (original mix) - https://www.beatport.com/it-IT/html/content...ep_an_open_mind http://www.junodownload.com/ppps/products/1375776-02.htm http://www.djdownload.com/artist/Kaom/525756 http://www.djtunes.com/artist/kaom/music/ http://www.beatsdigital.com/artist/114525 http://www.trackitdown.net/genre/tech_hous...ack/773594.html Artist: B, Giorgio Title: Bloody River Label:
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