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dj stex

Nrg Dance Records - New Label

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About US:


NRG Dance Records is a sub-label of Young NRG Productions which was founded by

Stefano Ricci ( aka DJ Stex) in 2001. http://www.youngnrg.eu/

Stefano Ricci (Aka Dj Stex ) is one of the true Italian creators of NuJazz,Chill, who was forefront when it all began with Teo Ederle and hisCrew in 1989 know as the Young NRG Posse.


NRG Dance Record is born in 2010 as a Sub-Label by the idea of Wim Broersma and Stefano Ricci.

Our main goal is to become the leading label in the darker and deeper beats, specialized in:

- Progressive House

- Minimal House

- Deep Tech

- Tech House

- Trance

- We would like to cover all styles as long as it is Dance related.


Our philosophy, there are so many talented producers out there who are looking for a serious and friendly label that can help with the release of their new track.

NRG Dance Records can give you the opportunity to release your killer track on all big download portals like:

Beatport – Beats Digital –Juno – I-Tunes- Trackitdown-Amazon.com-DJTunes and many many more


Check out our Demo Submission tab and send us your new number 1 Hit!





You just finished a smashing new track and want to send it to a record label?

NRG Dance Reords is the one you’re looking for!

We are looking for artists who are unique, talented, professional, and ready to launch.

EVERY demo we receive is listened to and unlike all the other labels, we always give you feedback. Either good or bad we’ll get in touch with you.


Please follow these guidelines if you wish to submit a demo recording:


1- Ensure that you include contact details, and that the band’s name is clearly visible on the demo itself

2- If possible, a brief biography and some photos are appreciated but a full press kit is not essential.

3- Demos only via email including an URL of a downloadable link in high quality mp3 format


DO NOT write/email/etc. after one day to check that we have listened to your demo. Like we promised, we will be in touch!


Contact our A&R at : nrgdancerecords@hotmail.nl

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NRG Dance Rec-Mobhead-Notredame - NRGDNCREC001 OUT NOW


We're very proud to announce the debut EP by Joacim Thenander as the first NRG Dance release.

Joacim, aka Mobhead delivers a warm, groovy Progressive House track called Notredame in two stunning versions.

He knows exactly how to get the bass to rumble your insides, and keep things moving with the slightest of changes in the quaint sounds and samples he chooses to showcase.

A purely ingenious way of using sounds and samples is one of his trademarks.


Bill Ess makes his first appearance as well with a deep hooky remix. Using some of the same aspects as the original to keep the flow moving Bill was still able to gave the track his own flow. His Remix stay's deep and has a jacking vibe.


So, if you're looking for an EP to dance to in your living room or as a DJ to fill the dance floor in your club, you will be a happy customer.



Notredame (original mix)

Notredame (Mobhead V2 remix)

Notredame (Bill Ess remix)


Check this EP out on











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NRG's second release comes from Wim Broesma from the Nethetlands and his German friend Jens Rewerski aka "Two Guy's Fundamental"


They dropped down a deep tech house production, with focus on the simplicities of the perfectly placed vocal sample, heavy bass, smooth chords, and cool programmed drums.

'What" stays deep, but throws some aggressive synth stabs at you, waking you up with its rumblings

You can see this track played to a ‘crossover’ crowd, and no doubt could hear this on a progressive radio mix show. 

These Two Guy's will rumble the dance scene for sure.




What (original mix)

What (instrumental mix)


A new name to NRG Dance Records but Digital Art is by no means a new name to the progressive scene. This Dutchman has released many tracks over the years.


" Believe " is a track that slowly progress and the groove is gradually building until it reaches his orgasmic peak. After that the track will take you to new and unknown heights.

It's a delicious deep progressive floor burner with twinkling melodies.

So, if you're looking for a track that can provide variety in your set or fill the dance floor in your local club then this one is definitively recommended.




Believe (extended club mix)

Believe (radio edit)


Check this EP out on





link label



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