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dj stex

House Club Funky - Nu Disco 2014

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We're proud to announce all new releases 2014 from

Young NRG Productions



NRG 1401


The Warm Up

NRG 1403

People Funky

NRG 1404

Super Funky Car

***Juno Reccommends

NRG 1405

One More Time

Funky/BreakFunk/Funky Club House

***Juno Reccommends


Review: Young NRG Productions commander-in-chief Stex comes up with three blistering new forays into the glitchier, more electro side of sample-based breakbeat. This guy is always on top form and he's released an ocean of good stuff, but "One More Time" must be the illest, quasi-house excursion we've seen from the man - bouncy funk basslines and a gorgeous 4/4 kick for all your DJ needs! The Club Mix inserts a substantially more electronic vibe to the equation and a couple of killer vocoders to boot. The Dub Version is definitely our favourite though - those rickety, shuffling beats just stand clearer and prouder in the mix.

NRG 1406


Genre: Disco/NuDisco/Funk

NRG 1407


Genre: Disco/NuDisco/Funk

NRG 1408

Drop The Beat Like Uglypeople

Genre: Breakbeat/Funky Breaks

NRG 1409

Funky Chips

Genre: Funk/Funky Breaks



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