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dj stex

25 May 2011-Anushka De Sai-Nrgdncrec 009-

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Upcoming NRG Dance Release:




Never we felt it was harder to pick an "a" side as with the fantastic debut EP of Anushka De'sai on NRG Dance Records.

We don't feel there's a difference in quality, this EP has two beautiful a sides.


We are blown away with the gorgeous melodies Anushka knows to bring into his tracks. We would like to call it Music with Emotion, Progressive with a Touch !!

What excites us most about the first track "Pranelle" is the fact that the track never stands still, there are always effects moving around or a sound continually transforming.

We think this track is refreshing to hear while staying in tune with current Progressive trends, it has originality and layer upon layer of utterly irresistible sounds.


The second track "Breeze" kicks off with a tight, chunky drum sequence, which in itself is sufficient to carry the track along. Anushka added a fresh Arp-line, a fat bassline and created the basics for a very tasty track.

The track continues to evolve as it moves along, beautiful floating synths and emotive string sequences sit on a bed of crisp, punchy percussion.


Overall, a fantastic release from Anushka De'sai .

We can't praise this release enough, it's definitively a must have for your set to shake the dance floor and make people dance.

Check it out at your favourite portal.


Link to youtube Video:




Progressive House/Trance






Avialble on:




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