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Ralphi Rosario - I want you

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Hallo All, do you know this song? I have a tape from '87 with a special edition of the song that can't find on YOU TUBE, it should part of a 12" with a mix of various house tracks as DOCTORING THE HOUSE, BEAT THIS, ecc. 

Do you know this edition of this song from Ralphi Rosario? If needed I can send out a sample.




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Hallo, here it is, the track Ralphi Rosario starts after Beat DIS, but the version is almost different from that you can find on You Tube, I think there is another track below in sync.

do you recognize what track is? after Ralphi Rosario, a BEAT DIS again, then again DOCTORING THE HOUSE, then again BEAT DIS, then again Ralphi Rosario still with a second track below.

My question is: is this a special version of Ralphi Rosario OR it's the combination of two tracks in sync?

Thank you for listening!



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Takin' apart the known tracks i'm honestly having an hard time recognizing a fourth one.. I mean there is of course some more  but not sure if actually is a real track or just samples/loops added here and there as it used to do..

Would be interesting to find out where it comes from.. 

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